Jobs Vacancy 8 position of the Big Company in March 2010

Supplier's largest service companies in Indonesia dibwah auspices of domestic trade agencies in fiscal year 2010 will conduct the opening of new employees in general with the Pre-qualification methods at the office of central Jakarta, the name of the position are:

1. Kepala kantor Standarisasi Pengembangan & Produksi (KPS) (KPS)
  • Male / Female, age min. 35 years, education min. S1, IPK min. 3.00 (scale of 4)
  • Preferably have experience min. 2 years as head of the division in the same field
  • Ability to manage operational management & good offices and spirited leadership
2. Junior Secretary (JS)
  • Female, Age max. 28 years old, min D3 education for all majors
  • Computer literate
  • Attractive appearance, good personality & have a broad insight
3. Divisi Personalia & Tenaga Kerja (KPT) (OPT)
  • Male / female, max age 28 years, education min. D4/S1 separately all departments
  • Master computer (especially Ms. applications. Word excel 7)
  • Discipline, communicative & have a good personality
4. Divisi Administrasi kantor & Pembukuan (AKP) (AKP)
  • Male / Female, education min D3-S1 (mainly for economic studies accounting / management / administration)
  • Mastered basic computer accounting, ms. office & administrative systems well
  • Have a responsibility, accuracy & honest
5. Operasiaonal divisi dukungan (OP) & Teknologi Informasi (TI)
  • Male / Female, min education. D1 (OP), D3-S1 (IT)
  • Precedence over ms. excel and well data collection system (OP)
  • Mastering computer programs, networking & internet (IT)
6. Divisi Costumer Service (CS)
  • Male / Female, age max 27 years, education D3-S1 all the majors
  • Master English minimala passive
  • Communicative, good personality & prioritize service quality
7. Divisi Pemasaran (DP)
  • Male / Female, pendidikanmin SMU/D1
  • Discipline and able to work in a marketing division
  • Good job motivation & responsibility
8. Receptionist & Operator telepon
  • Women, education min SMU / Sederajat
  • Manarik appearance, able to communicate well & friendly

1). Period of administration pemgiriman resume:
  • Day / date: Monday (1 March 2010) up Thursday (11 March 2010)
  • Shipping directly to: Coordinator of the new employees up. Head of Human Resources Division PO BOX 3147 JKP 10031

2). Completeness Administration Resume:
  • Charge types of work with him in the post code for an application
  • Letter of application, data riwyat life, copy of identity card / valid identity (NB: the post code to include a copy of KPS wajim SIM A) and include NO. tel. place to live and No. Mobile / mobilephone
  • Copy of last diploma & transcript lists and passport size 4X6 92 sheets)

* The requirements to be observed above

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