Urgently Required


An Oil and Gas Company is seeking for Civil Engineer and construction foreman.

Required for Civil Engineer :
  • Indonesian National
  • Have 15 to 20 experience building oilfield locatios and roads
  • Have experience preparing technical specification for building oilfield locations and roads.
  • Familiar with BPMigas tendering process and has served on tendering committees.
  • Fluent in the english language.
  • Willing to travel to job site frequently.
  • Graduated from an accredited four year university with a degree in civil engineering.
  • Expected term of contrack - one year.

Requirement for Construction Foreman
  • Indonesian National
  • Have 15 to 20 experience building oilfield locatios and roads
  • Graduated from High school
  • Know some basic english.
  • Expected term of contrack - one year.

Please send your CV to :

*close date april, 5 2010
* only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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New Job Vacancy BUMN april 2010

Urgent Required

State-owned company engaged in the Insurance / Guarantor needed immediately:

Kepala Divisi Keuangan & Akuntansi

  • Min S1 Accounting with IP min 3:00, 3:25 with IP precedence S2
  • Experienced lead Division / Section Finance / Accounting Minimum 5 years in large-scale enterprise, mainly financial institutions
  • age max. 45 years
  • Computer controlled with good accounting
  • Mastering the English language spoken and written
  • Have integrity, leadership danmemiliki high motivation to promote enterprise

for interested and qualified, the application, CV & photograph (3x4) 1 pcs, send to:

PO BOX 3693 JKP 10036

*close date april, 2 2010

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Vacancy in cooperation BPPT and UNDP april 2010

Great Opportunity

microturbine Cogeneration technology Application project (MCTAP) is partnership program betwen United nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia and BPPT to promote a new environment technology: Microturbine cogeneration Technology (MCT).

MCTAP is looking for a well qualified and higly motivated professional to fill this following posts:
  1. Capacity building (technical) consultant
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. Finance Assistant

For further detailed information an application and complete term of reference, pelase visit :

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Jobs Vacancy in PT. Intercillin (ABC ) April 2010


PT. Intercillin, a manufacture and exporter of batteries, is looking for qualified candidates to fill the position as :
  1. Key Account Manager (KAM)
  2. National Key account Manager (NKAM)
  3. Brand Activation Manager (BAM)
Requirement :
  • Min for s1 from a reputable university, S2 is much preferred.
  • have experience of similar position in a fast moving consumer goods company for 2 years (KAM), 5 years (NKAM), 3 years (BAM), especially from market leader brands in Indonesia.
  • experianec in modern trade sales management and have knowledge about marketing management 9KAM), (NKAM).
  • habe experience in handling event, working with media and having good network at youth communities (BAM).
  • Able to work under pressure with strict deadline.
  • Good command of english and mandarin is an advantage.
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision, and work optimally with team.
  • open minded, strong knowledge, have passion for winning, risk taker, innovative, and willing to work team.

Please send your complete application letter (certification, photograph [4x6] 2 pcs, reference letter) via E-mail to : or

close date april, 9 2010

*only short listed candidates will be notified.

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Vacancy in Bank Bukopin Syariah maret-april 2010

About Bank Bukopin Syariah

In 2000, the Islamic Affairs, Bank Bukopin began developing Islamic banking products in accordance with the teachings and principles of Islam which operates under the Directorate of Cooperative Enterprises, Small and Micro (UKKM). The first Islamic branch of Bank Bukopin opened in Jakarta in December 2001, currently has Bukopin 5 branch offices and branch offices 3 Sharia. Bank Bukopin obtain operating permits from Bank Indonesia and the activities set forth in the specific policies set by the National Islamic Council and the Bank Indonesia (associated with the product and its operation) which is a form of additional controls as described in the "Banking Supervision and Regulation of Indonesia". Bank products Sharia approved in advance by the National Islamic Council and the Bank Indonesia before it was launched into the market.

Islamic Affairs offers financial products, funding, and other services including savings (such as other Bukopin savings, current accounts and time deposits), hire-purchase services (ijaroh mumtahiyah bit Tamlik) for the purchase of goods, purchase and sale (Murabaha) for possession homes, vehicles, investments, and other consumer goods, and financing for the system (Mudharabah Musyarakah) in accordance with Islamic law.

Islamic Banking Branch Bukopin Metro provides an opportunity for a career as:

Operasional (Kode: OPS)

  • Male, max. 23 years
  • minimal D3, majoring in Accounting diutmakan
  • Berpenampilan interesting
  • Able to speak English (oral and written)

Legal (Kode: LGL)

  • Male, max. 25 years
  • Education Law, University of the leading S1 with GPA min. 3.00
  • Work experience min. 1 year at a Notary's office, Lawyer or Public Bank
  • Prioritized have knowledge of sharia banking
  • Having analytical ability, independent and able to work under pressure
  • Able to speak English (oral and written)

Marketing Funding Officer (Code: Mk)

  • Male / Female, max 25 years old for fresh graduate or 35 years of experience as Marketing
  • minimal S1 leading university with minimum GPA 2.75
  • Having good communication and outgoing
  • Having a broad network
  • Mature and attractive (for women)
  • Prioritized have knowledge of sharia banking
  • Able to speak English (oral and written)
  • Ready to targets
  • Having a SIM A

Please send letter of application, CV, copies of diplomas, transcripts, passport photo 4x6 1 sheet, photographs the whole body and phone number to contact and put the position code as the email subject, not later than 10 April, 2010 to the following address. Only qualified applicants will be processed. CV which already entered into the company.

Alamat Email send application :

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Job Vacancies In Garment Company March 2010 (5 Position)

Hansoll is a growing company, requires experienced personnel immediately in part:

  2. QA
  4. SAMPLE Co-ordinator

  • Male / Female
  • Experienced min. 3 years of the same field

  • Monthly Salary
  • Medical Assurance
  • Normal working day: Art-Friday

Bring your application and CV directly / send to address:

Jl. Jawa Raya Blok A-07, SBU KBN
Cakung, Cilincing, Jakarta Utara

tag :lowongan Quality Asurance maret 2010, vacancy manager HRD , hotjobs in garment company ,business jobs, lowongan manager maret

Vacancy Director and Manager March 2010


Nationwide contracting company invites young professionals to fill several positions below:

  1. Director of Finance (DK)
  2. Finance Manager (FM)
  3. Accounting Manager (AM)
  4. Marketing Manager (MM)
  5. Engineering Manager (EM)
  6. Site Engineering (SE)
  7. Drafter (DF)
  8. Front Office (FOR)

  • S2 Financial Management, Male / Female, min experience. 10 years (1)
  • S1 Civil Engineering, Male / Female, min experience. 7 years (5)
  • S1 Civil Engineering, Male / Female, min experience. 5 years (6)
  • S1 Technical Architect, Male / Female, min experience. 2 years (7)
  • Management accounting S1, Male / Female, min experience. 2 years (2.3)
  • S1 All Major, Male / Female, min experience. 5 years (4)
  • D3 all Department, Female, experience min. 1 year (8)
  • Willing to be placed outside the city (4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Preferably have worked in the Developer, mastering the techniques of government auctions / SOE and its bureaucracy (4)
  • Highly motivated and able to work with the target
  • Dedicated, loyal, able to work in teams

Send complete application, CV and recent passport photo size (4X6) color, before marc, 31 2010, include an application code top right corner of the envelope to the address:

PO BOX 7003
JAT 13070

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Job Vacancies in Car Sparepart Company March 2010 (9 Position)

Sparepart car manufacturer needs a lot of employees with the following position:

  1. Head Production
  2. Manager HRD
  3. Manager QC & PPIC
  4. ADM Staff
  5. Finance Staff
  6. Packaging Operator
  7. Production Operator
  8. Painting operators
  9. Receptionist

  • Male / Female, max 40 years
  • S1, D3 for the level of manager, STM, high school for no. 6-8
  • Both honest, Bring SKCK
  • Direct work if qualified

take immediate application of our branch kekantor met with HRD and GA Up. Mr. Lilik at this address:

Jln. Mampang Prapatan Raya Kav. 71-73
Gedung Multika lt.2
Depan Balai Hermina_Jakarta Selatan

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Jobs Vacancy in Manufacture Company March 2010 Manufactur

A Manufacturing Company located in Jakarta are mambutuhkan employees separately several positions:

  1. Administration / secretarial (ADM)
  2. Industry Supervisor / Production (EIS)
  3. Supervisoe PPIC (PPC)
  4. Supervisor warehouse / logistics (LOG)
  5. Marketing Officer (MKO)

  • Female max. 30 years (1), Men (2, 3, 4), Male / Female (5)
  • Min. D3 Informatika / Secretary / Mathematics (1), S1 Industrial Engineering / Machinery / Informatics (2, 3), S1 Engineering (4), S1 (5)
  • Mastering microsoft Office (1-4)
  • Experience in Engineering / Manufacturing (2), the PPIC 3 years (3), 3-year logistics (4), 1 year disales (5)
  • Can lead employees (2, 3, 4)
  • Have their own motor (5)
  • Placement in Tangerang (1-4), Jakarta (4)

Send Applications to:

PO BOB 426 TNG 15001

* Put the position code on the top left envelope

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Vacancy as Gold Mining Production Director March 2010


A field of mining company Gold, professionals need to position:


  • Male max. 50 years
  • Work experience min. 5 years as director of production (manufacture) in mining companies
  • Having skill production memenage
  • Strong in performing control functions, monitor and coordinate
  • Mancantumkan track record of success / achievement during the production manangani (please explain in the proposal)
  • Willing to be placed in sulawesi

For those who have the above qualifications may submit a complete application to:

PO BOX 4085 SBS 60400

or E-mail :

*close date april, 1 2010

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Vacancy in Shipping Oil and GAs Company March 2010


We are fast growing offshore shipping company tht supports Oil & Gas Corporation. Open opportunities for you to become a part of our team with a competitive income for the following position :

1. Accommodation Barge Crew (certified and min. has i years experience) :
  • Barge Master (BM)
  • Safety Officer (SO)
  • Medic (MD)
  • Chief Electrician (CE)
  • Crane Operator (CO)
  • Welder (W)
  • Carpenter (C)
  • Rigger (R)
2. Finance & Accounting staf (FAS) & Secretary/Adm (ADM)
  • Male/Female : S1/D3, Background, profecient i n English; Mandarin speaker will be preferable

Please send your application, CV and recent photograph not later than march, 27 2010 to :

PO BOX 3388 JKT 10033

or our E-mail :

*put your code on the envelope or on e-mail subject

tag :oil and gas vacancy, lowongan kerja sekretaris maret 2010, vacancy barger master , hotjobs inshipping company ,business jobs, lowongan pertambangan gas dan minyak maret

Vacancy Head Unit and 4 other's March-April 2010


Our clients state-owned company engaged in the Micro Finance requires a lot of tough young professional for the position:

  3. TELLER (TL)

  • Min. D3, IPK PTN: 2.50 / PTS :2.75 .
  • Male / Female max. 30 years
  • Physically and spiritually healthy & attractive
  • Communicative, able to work independently and in teams
  • Can operate the computer
  • Placement JABODETABEK

Special Requirements:

  • Position (1) HU min.3 MFI marketing experience in
  • Position (2) AO, (4) SV, (5) CL MFI marketing experience min. 1 year
  • Position (3) TL: Women, unmarried, Fresh Graduate
  • Having own vehicle (except position 3/TL)

Complete application, CV, 4x6 color photo of 2 sheets, photocopy of your ID and send to:

PO BOX 1044 JKS 12010

atu via E-MAIL: isl.mbussines @

* close date: April, 3 2010

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Engineer Vacancy and Others March 2010 aerosytem Indonesia

PT. Aero System Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT. Garuda Indonesia, is one of the leading IT service providers for the airline and aviation Industries. To answer the challenges of the future, we are inviting high caliber professionals who are eager to demonstrate their expertise and passion for excellence to the world.
















for detailed information and how apply, plase visit

* only short listed candidates will be notified

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Vacancy BUMN in PT. Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) Persero ) March 2010

PT. Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) Persero is known abroad as the "ITC" which stands for "Indonesia Trading Company", the only state "Trading House" in Indonesia, which provided experience in the field long enough to Export, Import and Distribution Company is the result merger of 3 state-owned PT Niaga. Cipta Niaga (Persero), PT. Dharma Niaga (Persero) and PT. Five Commerce (Persero) effective from March 31, year 2003 based on Government Regulation No. Indonesia. 22 in 2003.

Third ex SOEs Commerce is originally derived from the Company's "The Big Five" of the Dutch government in Indonesia, the Dutch colonial era and then became state-owned in 50 years' an.

Implementation of the three ex-SOEs merger Commerce is dedicated to improving management efficiency, maximize profits, business integration and increasing asset ownership....

PT. Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) Persero, also known as Indonesian Trading Company (ITC) is a State Owned Trading Company. Indonesia Trading Company (ITC) currently has business activities engaging in Export, Import and Distribution. Conducting the business ITC is supported by more than thirty Branch Offices in almost all provinces in Indonesia, besides that the company has more than one hundred and fifty warehouses, backed up by Vihicle Fleet with number more than seven hundred vihicles all over Indonesia. Currently we are seeking for professional candidates to join us as:

Staf Divisi Hukum
  • Staff Bidang Tugas Litigasi (Code: SH-L) 1 vacancy
  • Staff Bidang Tugas Non-Litigasi (Code: SH-NL) 1 vacancy

  • Bachelor (S1)/Master (S2) Degree majoring in Law
  • Mastering Litigation (Code: SH-L) and Non-Litigation (Code: SH-NL)
  • Male/Female
  • GPA minimum 2.80
  • Having 2 years experience in the same field
  • Fluent in English (active and passive)
  • Willing to be placed all over Indonesia

If you meet above requirements please send your application, comprehensive CV, 2 sheets 4x6 size photograph, certificate and transcript fotocopy with legalization, not later than March 31, 2010 to following address (.zip/.rar format max. 300 kB).

E-mail Address to semd application :

For more Info :

Email Address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Vacancy Stewardess in Emirat Air March 2010

On 25th October 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircraft—a leased Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4. Then as now, our goal was quality, not quantity, and in the years since taking those first small steps onto the regional travel scene, Emirates has evolved into a globally influential travel and tourism conglomerate known the world over for our commitment to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business.

Though wholly owned by the Government of Dubai, Emirates has grown in scale and stature not through protectionism but through competition—competition with the ever-growing number of international carriers that take advantage of Dubai’s open-skies policy. Not only do we support that policy, but we see it as vital to maintaining our identity and our competitiveness. After making its initial start-up investment, the Government of Dubai saw fit to treat Emirates as a wholly independent business entity, and today we are thriving because of it. Our growth has never been lower than 20 per cent annually, and the airline has recorded an annual profit in every year since its third in operation.

Continuing our explosive growth while continually striving to provide the best service in the industry is the secret of Emirates’ success

Emirates is looking for committed, motivated, service-oriented people to join our Inflight Services team consisting of over 10,000 Cabin crew.

Flight Stewardess

Now recruiting the word's best. These positions are based in Dubai. Take this exceptional opportunity to meet our recruitment team
  • Venue: Hotel Ciputra Jakarta, Jl. Letjend S. Parman, Jakarta 11470, Indonesia
  • Room: Putri 2 and 3
  • Date: 27 March 2010
  • Time: Walk in anytime from 09.00 am to 4.00 pm

Please bring an updated CV along with passport size and full-lenght photographs. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age with a TOEIC score of over 650 to be considered. Females Only. Males applicants for submission of resumes only. For futher information please visit the link below.

For more Information here

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Jobs in National chemistry Company March 2010 (8 Position)

National companies in the field of chemistry requires the employee to the position as follows:

  1. Production Supervisor (PRO)
    a. Or D3/S1 Chemical Engineering Mechanical engineering
  2. Maintenance Supervisor (MTC)
    a. D3/S1 Mechanical engineering or electrical
  3. PPIC Staff (PPC)
    a. D3/S1 Industrial engineering, chemical engineering
  4. Staff HR-GA (HR-GA)
    a. D3/S1 all departments
  5. Staff Aministrasi (ADM)
    a. D3/S1 Management, Secretary
    b. Preferably a master Filling
  6. Technician (TNS)
    a. SMK Electrical / Machinery
  7. Sales (SLS)
    a. loves traveling, has a SIM A and C
  8. Costumer Service Repesentative (CSR)
    a. able to speak English oral and written

Requirements / qualifications:
  • Tough and love a challenge
  • Berjiwa leadership, except no.6
  • Mastering MS computer. Office, except no.6
  • Single women max. 30 years (3, 4, 5 and 8)
  • Male max. 30 years (1, 2, 6, 7)
  • Able to work shifts (1 and 6)
  • Min. D3 chemical tknik, Komunikatif and negotiatif (7 and 8)

Complete application addressed to:


Close date march, 24 2010

tag :supervisor vacancies, lowongan kerja maret 2010, vacancy staff administration, hotjobs in surabaya gresik staff ppic ,business jobs, lowongan surabaya maret

Vacancy Statistical Analysis March 2010

A tobacco processing company and leadimg International indepencdent leaf tobacco merchant, serving the world's largest cigarette manufacture is looking to fill the position of :

  • To coordinate, accumulate and follow the information, analyzing, compariing and intepreting the received data. Supporting operations management with all the continous statistical analysis and general tachnical information.

Job Competencies :
  • Analytical thinking by identifying problems, seeking relevant data and diagnosing any possible couse.
  • Fcat finder / Investigator evaluates and questions Information and exercises judgment. Mkaes no assumptions. Ensures finding present an objectives and balanced picture of the situation. Does not accept the status quo, inquisitive, probing.
  • Attention to the details, thoroughness in accomplising a task through concern for all the areas involved. Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently.
  • Innovation, applies original thinking in approach to ob responsibilities and to improve processes, method, system, or service.

Job Requirement :
  • Male / Female, Bachelor degree (S1) in Mathematic / MIPA
  • Experienced i Statistical tools, advanced Excel, and processing analysis
  • English (oral & writen) is a must

Candidates that meet the requirement are welcome to apply for the position above.
Only candidates who meet these requirement will be invited to an interview

Please send your CV, latest photograph and job code to :

Attn Human Resources Manager
Jl Ngoro Industri Persada S-1 Ngoro - Mojokerto 61385
East Java - Indonesia

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Jobs General Manager at the plastics national factory March 2010

National plastics company that is developing open career opportunities with the following position:


  • Male, S1 graduates, age max. 40 years
  • Having a strong leadership
  • Understand and understand financial statements & marketing strategies (GM)
  • Having experience in marketing of plastic to plastic industry & Houseware (RSM)
  • Preferably experienced in plastic Industry Injection Blow Molding
  • Willing to night shift (AM & PRO)

send resume to:

Simpati HRD Center (kode : SMS - 008)
Gedung Graha Pangeran Lt.1, Jl A.Yani 286, Suarabaya

* Close date march, 24 2010

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Bank Jobs in Maspion Bank maret 2010

Devisaa Private Bank is growing, giving YOU the chance to join our dynamic team to be placed in the central office - Surabaya with the following specifications:


  • Male or female, age max. 30 years
  • Graduates min. S1 majoring in Accounting or Financial Management with GPA> 3:00
  • Experienced min. 3 years in the banking field preferred
  • Understand it and be able to do laporankeuangan analysis
  • English speaking active or passive


  • Male or female, age max. 30 years
  • Graduates min. S1 with GPA> 3:00
  • Experience min. 3 years in the banking, insurance or advertising
  • Experienced in product launches to monitor new products
  • Mastered the concept of product development
  • Mastering the concept of promotion, marketing communications and market survey

If you are qualified memnuhi for the above position, please send an application accompanied by curriculum vitae and recent photograph to:

Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 50 - 54 Surabaya 60262
atau E-mail:

* application no later than the date of March, 24 2010
* Put the position code desired on the top left of the envelope.

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Jobs Secretary and accounting in Surabaya March 2010

A famous developer company i east java is looking for highly motivated individual for the position of :


Qualification :

  • Female, single max 27 years old
  • D3/S1 from major & reputable university, with GPA 3,00
  • Proficient in english & mandarin both oral & writen, computer literate
  • Good looking, fast learner, hard working, honest, loyal analytical thinking capability
  • Able to work under pressure

send your complete application to :

HRD PT. GKH & Group
Jl. Klampis Jaya No. 96 #13
suarabaya 600116

*only short candidates will be processed

tag :secretary vacancies, lowongan kerja maret 2010, vacancy accounting service, hotjobs in surabaya, accounting vacancy ,business jobs, lowongan surabaya maret

Hot jobs Vacancies Maret 2010 In contractor Surabaya


  • S1 civil engineering steel structures or machinery (1, 3)
  • S1 Economics / Civil Engineering Steel (2)
  • S1 civil engineering steel structures / Machinery / Industrial (4, 5)
  • D3/S1 Technical informatics (6)
  • Mastering the network, installation, hardware, programs & settings server (6)
  • S1 Psychology or law (7, 8)
  • S1 Accounting (9, 10)
  • S1 Civil Engineering Construction Steel (11)
  • S1 mechanical engineering (12)
  • Preferably experience in industrial steel pipes or steel construction min. 3 years (1, 2), min. 5 years (3, 5, 11)
  • Preferably field experience min. 3tahun (10), min 5 year (7)

Submit CV and complete application to:

PO BOX 1567 SB 60015

* At the latest date of 24 March 2010

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Manager Vacancy and 6 other's in Grand city Mall march 2010

Grand city Mall and the International Convention Center in the most exclusive in the city center surabaya open opportunities for dynamic individuals who are spirited and want to express professionalism to join us for the following positions:

  1. Cutomer Service Manager / Supervisor / Staff
  2. Purchasing Manager / Supervisor
  3. Building Operations Manager / Supervisor for Parking, Housekeeping & Security
  4. Building Maintenance (M & E) Manager / Supervisor / Staff
  5. Utility / Energy Usage Supervisor
  6. Food Court Supervisors
  7. Human Resource & General Affair Supervisor

  • Min 2 years experience in the same field for the manager position, min. 1 year for supervisor position
  • Experience in a shopping mall & convention is an advantage but not essential

Candidates must register by sending a resume, recent photograph and expected salary no later than tanggal24 March 2010, the E-mail:

atau ke alamat :

HRD Grand City
Jl. Gubeng Pojok no. 1, Surabaya

* Only candidates who meet the criteria that will be processed (identify the desired position on the top left corner of the envelope)

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Bank Jobs in Bank Mandiri March 2010

PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, profesesional recruit is ready to join together to develop micro businesses, with jabtan as:


  1. Duties and responsibilities Answer:
  2. Leading and managing micro credit units.
  3. Developing loan portfolio.
  4. Credit supervision.
  5. Coordinate the sales team.
  6. Providing appropriate decisions limit the authority of credit
  7. Handle credit administration.
  8. Monitoring and billing

  1. Births: Male / Female, max. 35 Years.
  2. Education min.D3 (preferred S1)
  3. IPK min. 2:50
  4. Not having a working nuclear family in Credit Bank (parent, brother / little brother of the birth, the husband / wife).
  5. Min.5 years of work experience: 3 years in the field of micro credit & 2 years 2 of them had led micro finance units.
  6. Having good communication skills, neat, courteous with high confidence that the value added.

Surabaya, Malang, Jember

  • We provide compensation, benefits and competitive initiative
  • Send letter of application, CV, recent pass photos and other supporting documents
  • The document we received no later than March tanggal18 below 2010 kelamat
  • Include the expected spectrum of the placement area and office code (MMM) upper left corner

HR Provider
PT Bank (Persero) Tbk.
Regional Office VIII Surabaya (Lt.3)
Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.. 129-137 Surabaya 60271

* only candidates who meet the criteria to be in process

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Bank Jobs in BNP March 2010

(Acom Co.LTD & The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. LTD)

PT. Bank BNP, Tbk. A national scale foreign exchange bank, healthy, reliable and trustworthy in the world of banking, requires young professionals who like the challenge of a career as:

  • Education Min. S1 in all directions, max 35 years old 91) and max. 28 years (2-8)
  • Work experience in the field min. 3rd year (1) and min. 2 years (2-8)
  • Mastering Ms. Office. English Idioms and can or mandarins (preferred)
  • Like the challenge of working, hardworking, banayak relationships, communicative and high mitivasi

Complete application file sent via e-mail to:
paulus.gagan @

or to the address:

HRD (up. Ibu Yuni)
Jl. Waspada 39-39A, Surabaya 60161

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Manager Vacancy on Cooking Oil Factory March 2010

We are a company engaged in the oil industry based in surabaya open the opportunity for you to join them as:
  1. Head HRD
  2. Head of Laboratory
  3. Purchasing Manager
  4. Administrative Staff
General Criteria:
  • Minimal S1 (no.1-3), D3 (no.4)
  • Men (no. 1), Male / Female (no. 2). Women (. 3, 4)
  • Min 5 years experience (no. 1-3), 1 year (no. 4)
  • Creative, initiative, hardworking, able to work under pressure

Send resume to PO BOX. SB 1780

*Close date march, 25 2010

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Engineering Vacancy in PT. Propan Raya Maret 2010

PT. Propan Raya, an international paint company with a very INNOVATIVE products requires:

  2. STORE HEAD (Code; SH)

  • Men max 30 Ahun, D3/S1 Engineering, GPA min 2.75 (1, 2, 3)
  • Male Max 28 years old, high school science / vocational Sci / STM technique (4.5)
  • Experience min. 3 years as Branch Manager (1)
  • Experience Min. 2 years of field (2, 3)
  • Leadership & International has a good skills (1, 2)
  • Communicative, has Salesmanship, EQ, high drive and are willing to out of town, has a SIM 1 & C (1-5)
  • Placement: Tangerang, Surabaya, Makassar, Samarinda, Manado, Banjarmasin

Letter of application, CV and recent photograph latest tanggal25 March 2010 and must include the post code of the upper-left corner of the envelope to:

Jl. Raya Buduran no. 100 Sidoarjo

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Manager Vacancy and 7 other's March 2010 in Oxfam GB (8 posisi)


Oxfam GB
is an International NGO working in over 70 countries to reduce poverty and suffering by supporting development, humanitarian and advocacy work.
Currently we are seeking qualified and hihgly motivated individuals to support our Coastal livelihood project in Sulawesi.

  • Project Manager Coastal Livelihood
    As project manager, you will lead the project team to implement the project in a consultative, participative and gender inclusive way to ensure it achieves th eplanned result and impact.
  • Gender Adviser Coastal Livelihood
    Drawing on your knowledge and commitement to women's righ, you will habe experience in gender training and gender specific advocacy
  • Livelihood Adviser Coastal Livelihhod
    As Livelihood Adviser, you will be a key member of the team. you will understand the issues around development of coastal livelihood and be educated in agricultural or developmnet studies.
  • Project Officer Coastal Livelihood
    You will have experience in community development, capacity building as well as familiarty with participatory, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation techniques.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer coastal Livelihood
    In this key role, you will provide effective and appropriate M&E supprt to oxfam GB adn project partners to measure gendered impact, produce repert an ensure on going learning is spread as the project progresses.
  • Media, Communications, and Documentations Officer Coastal Livelihood
    As media, communications, and documentations officer: your focus will be on delivering media and communications plan for this coastal livelihood project, as well as to maintain project documentations.
  • Finance Officer coastal Livelihood
    here, you will overse our entire finance operation within the project - everything from mnaging our payment processes ro veriying payment cheques and voucher, including effective management information.
  • Project Administrative Assistant Coastal Livelihood
    As the project administrative assistant, you will be working to support the whole project team in wide range od administrative and project activity.

Please submit your CV with covering letter to Oxfam GB
by E-mail to :

Closing date for application : 20 march 2010

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be cantacted.

More information on Oxfam can be found in our website :

Oxfam GB is striving to be an equal opprtunities employer and particularly enchourages applications from women.

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Manager Vacancy and other March 2010 in Oxfam GB


Oxfam GB is an International NGO working in over 70 countries to address poverty and suffering through supporting development, humanitarian and advocacy interventions. In Indonesia, we currently work to improve the livelihoods of the poor, build participation in governance, and save lives by delivering humanitarian assistance.

Currently we are seeking qualified and highly motivated individual to fill in the vacnt positions to support our country team based in Jakarta office.

  • Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns Manager
    You will be leading the policy, Advocacy and Campaigns (PAC) team in Oxfam GB's Indonesia Country Programme in Delivery on the strategic change objective.
  • Media Advocacy Officer
    You will lead on developing and implementing country media strategy to operationalise the advocacy and campaigning needs of the country programme in particular at national level, and to enhance and protect Oxfam's profile and brand.

Please submit your CV with covering letter to Oxfam GB
by E-mail to :

Closing date for application : 20 march 2010

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be cantacted.
More information on Oxfam can be found in our website :
Oxfam GB is striving to be an equal opprtunities employer and particularly encourages applications from women.

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Jobs March 2010 in PT.Komatsu Indonesia (4 position)

Komatsu Indonesia is awell estabilished company, providing high quality for domestic and export market. We are of komatstu Group Companies worldwide and corporate for several subsidiaries of komatsu Group companies in Indonesia. In order to support the company's growt, we continue to challenge individuals to join us nad developed as:

Engineer (SR-ENG)
The incumbent will be assigned in technical, development and quality function within the company. requirement for the position are :
  • Bachelor engineering background, mechanical, Industri or Metallurgy background is preferable
  • Familiar with manufacturing process is an advantage
  • Understand 3D drawing software is an advantage

Junior Rngineering (JR-ENG)
The incumbent will be involved in the activities of production, technical support and quality candidates should meet the following requirement :
  • Diploma from mechanical, heavy equipment, electrical, mechanotricial, foundry
  • having experience in manufacturig company is preferable but fresh graduate are encouraged to apply

Administration Junior Staff (JR-ADM)
Selecteecandidates will be in charge on administration process within specified functions and should be :
  • Diploma from any administration major
  • Having 1 years experience in administration field is an advantage

Accounting Junior Staff (JR-ACC)
selected candidates will support all of accounting and finance process in corporate and subsidiaries. candidates should be:
  • Diploma from Accounting or finance management
  • Having i years of experience is an advantage but fresh graduate are encouraged to apply
  • Familiar with accounting and finance system or application is preferable

All applicants ahould meet the following requirements :
  • Graduated from reputable university with GPA nol least 2.75
  • Able to communicate in english both oral and written
  • Computer literate

If you are interested please send your application, complete resume and recent photograph with the position code on the upper left corner envelop or E-mail subject before March a5th, 2010 to :

Pusat Pengembangan Industri Komatsu Indonesia
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Km 4. Jakarta 14140

Or E-mail :

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Vacancy Manager in Plastic Manufacture March 2010 (17 Posisi)

We, the leader in high quality plastic manufacture, are looking for the best candidate to fill the following position :

    Req: min. D3 from any dicipline
    Req : min. S1 graduated from reputable university
    Req: min, S1, Fluent in Japanese, good interpersonal, communication skill, hard working
    Req: min. D3 from any dicipline
    Req: min. SMA, living in Jakarta area, willing to work in shift/long shift

    Req: M, min. S2 Psychology/Law min. 8 years exp. in indutrial manufacturing company
    Req: M, S1 Machine/Industri, min. 5 years exp. in plastic blowfilm industri, min. 35 years old
    Req: M, min. S1 electro, min. 5 years exp. years exp. in plastic blowfilm industri, min. 35 years old
    Req: min. S1 Chemist/MIPA/Teknik Industri, min. 5 years. exp, min 35 years old
    Req : M, min. S1 Psychology/Management, min. 5 years. exp, min. 30 years old
  6. SPV R&D (SRD)
    Req: M/F min. S1 Chemist/MIPA/Technic Industri, min. 3 years exp., min. 30 years old
    Req: M/F min. S1 Psycology/Law., min. 3 years exp., min. 27 years old
    Req: M, min. S1 Chemist/Technic Industri, min 5 Years. exp, min. 27 years old, willing to work in long hours
    Req: M, min. D3 electro, min. 3 years old exp.

    Req: M/F, min. S1 Management/Accounting, fluent in english, has exp. in antidumping case
    Req: M/F, min. S1 Accounting GPA>3, exp 1-2 years in the same position, fluent in english, hard working, understand accounting (cost, GL)
    Req: M/F, min. S1 Accounting/Management/Banking, GPA>3, exp. 1-2 years for staff, min 3 years exp. for SPV, understanding and familiar with L/C and SKBDN process

Please immediately submit your application, CV and recent photo (4x6) and put the position code on top left of envelope more than : march, 18th 2010 to:

PO BOX 4071
JKTM 12700

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Vacancy Manager March 2010 in Mining Company (22 Positions)

We are regional mining company for more than 19 years. To support our expansion, we urgently require qualified, professional and higly motivated candidates to join our winning team for the following positions :

A. Manager :
  1. Mining Operation
  2. Mining Engineering
  3. Plant & Maintenance
  4. Health, safety & Environment
  5. Human Resources
B. Superintendent :
  1. Mining Operation
  2. Mining Engineering
  3. Plant & Maintenance
  4. Health safety & Environment
  5. Logistics
  6. Human Resources
C. Supervisor :
  1. Mining Operation
  2. Mining Engineering
  3. Plant & Maintenance
  4. Health, safety & Environment
  5. Operation Trainer
  6. Maintenance Trainer
  7. Human Resources
  8. Purchasing (Jr/Sr)
  9. Finance & accounting (Jr/Sr)
  10. Internal Audit (Jr/Sr)
  11. Tax (Jr/Sr)

General Qualifications :
  • Indonesian itizen with excellent health
  • Male (A1-C7) and Male/Female (C8-C11)
  • Willingness to be positioned in remote area in kalimantan
  • Computer literacy and profiency in written and spoken english
  • Good interpersonal skills and team player.
  • Good in analyzing, arranging and organizing.
  • High motivated and hard working under pressures.
  • Ability to work in cross-cultural environment.
  • Having pengawasan operational pertama (B1-B5), and (C1-C6)
  • Having Pengawas operational madya (A1-A4)
  • More than 3 years of working experience in the same positions.
  • Minimum S1 in related studi (A1-B6) and minimum D3 in relate study (C1-C11)

We offer career opportunities , a dynamic working environment and excellent salary package for top candidates. should you meet those criteria, please send your application with a comprehansive resume, a recent photograph, copies of academic certificate & supporting documents within tho after this advertisement and kindy state thr posirions you apply for at the E-mail subject to :

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Job Vacancy AusAID ( Indonesia-Australia Partner) Maret 2010

Aid Program

AusAID is the Australian goverment agency responsible for managing Australia's overseas aid program. Australia has been a dedicated development partner to Indoesia for more 50 years. Through the development assistance program, australia and Indonesia work together to alleviate poverty and promote regional peace, stability as well as prosperity. We are inviting dynamic, experienced professionals to take part in an exciting program management position for the role of :


The health, gender and disaster management section is seeking applications for program manager positions.under the Australia-Indonesia partnership the key task of the positions is to ensure the delivery of quality aid programs, particularly in the health and disaster management portofolios. the program manager are also expected to contribute to the broader sectoral policies, strategies and direction. The position play an important role in representing AusAID through engagement with the key program partner, as well as communicating with the broader bilateral and multilateral donors.

please refer to our website at for further information about the vacancies including the detailed duty statement and selection criteria. if you need additional information, you may contac Ria Hasan on 021 - 3924322.

only those applications that address the selection criteria and are submitted in english will be accepted

the closing date for application is sunday, 21 march 2010

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Job Vacancies in BTPN Bank March 2010

BTPN known as medium-scale public banks beeputasi prime and one of the banks with the best finance in Indonesia, which has won various awards in recognition of the leading institutions and reliable. BTPN now creating opportunities for computer-daughter of Indonesia separately with an optimal.

Personal Banker Manager (PBM)


  • Leading and managing a sales team from a number of personal teridir Banker to achieve funding targets through acquisition and retention, and provide excellent service to all customers

  • The graduates of all majors from the University leading to the GPA Min. 2.75
  • Male / Female, age max. 35 years
  • Experience in the banking industry and 4-5 years 2-3 years leading the sales team
  • Leadership and have good selling skills

Funding Retail Branch Manager (BM RF)

  • Leading and managing retail branch Funding funding to achieve the specified targets and provide excellent service to all customers

  • S1 graduates of all majors from top universities with min GPA 2.75
  • Male / Female, age max. 35 years
  • Experience in the banking industry and 4-5 years 2-3 years leading branch
  • Understand and implement systems and operational procedures for banks
  • Leadership and have good selling skills

Personal Banker (PB)

  • Achieve target funding to make acquisitions of new customers, maintaining customer exixting and cross selling

  • S1 graduate, all majors from the University leading to the GPA min. 2.75
  • Male / Female, age max. 35 years
  • Work experience in banking or financial institution at least 3 years
  • Energetic, independent in work and a strong orientation toward the target
  • Precedence over mandarin and English language
  • Attractive, confident and have good communication skills
  • High integrity
  • Having a broad network

Placement Location :
Jabodetabek, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan

include the area code and the placement position on the left side envelope or subject e-mail. Example : PB-Jawa Barat

Send your resume along with CV,photo and other documents for completeness:

PO BOX 4026 JKTM 12700

or E-MAIL :

(format file :*doc,*.pdf,*.zip, max 300kb)
the latest documents received march, 22 2010

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Choose a Career That Really Takes Off

Become Part of our team as FLIGHT ATTENDANT
If your are female, single, over 160 cm, aged between 20-26 years with good health and eyesight, and have a good education, then we want to meet you. An outgoing personality, excellent, communication skills with good english are essential qualities we are looking for. If you have costumer service experience and a desire to help others then you are perfect.

If you think that you meet these qualities, and you want to be part of our team, come and meet us at our walk in interview on march 11 - 12, 2010 at 09.00 AM - 17.00 PM at Mandala Airlines Building, jl. Tomang Raya Kav.33-37, Jakarta 11440

Please ring Sisca on 02144383088 or e-mail : to make your interview reservation the ist session at 09.00-12.00 the second session at 13.00-15.00 and the last session at 15.00-17.00

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Vacancy Stewardess / flight attendant Batavia Air Maret 2010


  • Male / Female berpanampilan interesting
  • Aged between 18-23 years old and had never married
  • Education: SLTA / D3 / S1
  • Min height. 165 cm (Male)
  • Min height. 160 cm (women)
  • Mastering the English language well
  • Mastering Mandarin is added value
  • physical & spiritual health
  • Do not wear glasses or contact lenses
  • No braces
  • Letter of consent of parents who have signed on stamp USD 6000
  • 1 Photo whole body size 4R
  • 2 passport size 4X6 cm with a blue background

Stewardess / flight attendant Walk-in interviews every weekday Pk. 09.00 - 15.00 WIB
JL. Ir. H. Juanda No. 15, Jakarta Pusat

  • Women's Clothing: short-sleeved shirt, knee-length skirt, covered shoes
  • Men's Clothing: long sleeve shirt, Wear a tie, closed shoes
  • Ex. Stewardess / flight attendant are welcome to apply

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Job Vacancy in UNDP Indonesia March 2010 (2 Position)


The united nations development programme is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and Indonesia connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

UNDP Indonesia is looking for national enthusiastic and professional person to fill in the following fixed-term position based in jakarta :

  1. Team Leader - Poverty Reduction Unit (Monthly salry start from Rp 44,060,000 - Tax exempt)
  2. Assistant Country Director/Head of Planning Monitoring And Evaluation Unit ( Monthly salary starts from Rp 25,542,833 - Tax Exempt)

Competitive benefits such as pension, medical & life insurance, paternity and maternity leave and 30 days annual leave will be offered to the UN rules.

For further detailed information on application and complete terms of reference please visit our website (

closing date : 14 march 2010

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New Vacancies March 2010 PT. Djasa Ubersakti


National Company requires professionals to join as:
  5. Civil Superintendent (CS)
  6. Architecture Superintendent (U.S.)
  7. M / E Superintendent (MES)
  8. FORMWORK Superintendent (FWS)
  9. ALLUMUNIUM FRAME / WORK Superintendent (AFS)
  • min graduating undergraduate civil engineering (1)
  • Min S1 graduate management economics / accounting (2)
  • Min graduated bachelor of civil engineering / architecture / electrical expertise (3-11)
  • min D3 graduated economics (12)
  • Min STM / SMS (13.14)
  • Male age: 45 years kax (1 & 2) max 40 years (3-11) max 30 years (120 and 35 years (13, 14)
  • Have a leadership (1-12)
  • GPA min 2.80 (Skal 4) for all undergraduate / D3
  • able to speak English (1-12 and 15) min. passive
  • Work experience min. 8 years (1 & 2)
  • Work experience min 3-5 years (3-14)
  • Willing to be placed throughout Indonesia (3-14)
  • AutoCad computer can (1,3-11) MS. office (1-14), accounting program (2)
  • Fresh graduate (15) graduates of civil engineering / architecture / machine / electro with GPA min. 3:00 (4:00 scale)

complete application with CV and recent PHOT, by including the post code of the left corner of the envelope and send to:

d/a Bona Indah Plaza Blok A2/B8
Jl. Karang Tengah Raya Lebak Bulus Jakarta Selatan 12440

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Jobs Vacancy 8 position of the Big Company in March 2010

Supplier's largest service companies in Indonesia dibwah auspices of domestic trade agencies in fiscal year 2010 will conduct the opening of new employees in general with the Pre-qualification methods at the office of central Jakarta, the name of the position are:

1. Kepala kantor Standarisasi Pengembangan & Produksi (KPS) (KPS)
  • Male / Female, age min. 35 years, education min. S1, IPK min. 3.00 (scale of 4)
  • Preferably have experience min. 2 years as head of the division in the same field
  • Ability to manage operational management & good offices and spirited leadership
2. Junior Secretary (JS)
  • Female, Age max. 28 years old, min D3 education for all majors
  • Computer literate
  • Attractive appearance, good personality & have a broad insight
3. Divisi Personalia & Tenaga Kerja (KPT) (OPT)
  • Male / female, max age 28 years, education min. D4/S1 separately all departments
  • Master computer (especially Ms. applications. Word excel 7)
  • Discipline, communicative & have a good personality
4. Divisi Administrasi kantor & Pembukuan (AKP) (AKP)
  • Male / Female, education min D3-S1 (mainly for economic studies accounting / management / administration)
  • Mastered basic computer accounting, ms. office & administrative systems well
  • Have a responsibility, accuracy & honest
5. Operasiaonal divisi dukungan (OP) & Teknologi Informasi (TI)
  • Male / Female, min education. D1 (OP), D3-S1 (IT)
  • Precedence over ms. excel and well data collection system (OP)
  • Mastering computer programs, networking & internet (IT)
6. Divisi Costumer Service (CS)
  • Male / Female, age max 27 years, education D3-S1 all the majors
  • Master English minimala passive
  • Communicative, good personality & prioritize service quality
7. Divisi Pemasaran (DP)
  • Male / Female, pendidikanmin SMU/D1
  • Discipline and able to work in a marketing division
  • Good job motivation & responsibility
8. Receptionist & Operator telepon
  • Women, education min SMU / Sederajat
  • Manarik appearance, able to communicate well & friendly

1). Period of administration pemgiriman resume:
  • Day / date: Monday (1 March 2010) up Thursday (11 March 2010)
  • Shipping directly to: Coordinator of the new employees up. Head of Human Resources Division PO BOX 3147 JKP 10031

2). Completeness Administration Resume:
  • Charge types of work with him in the post code for an application
  • Letter of application, data riwyat life, copy of identity card / valid identity (NB: the post code to include a copy of KPS wajim SIM A) and include NO. tel. place to live and No. Mobile / mobilephone
  • Copy of last diploma & transcript lists and passport size 4X6 92 sheets)

* The requirements to be observed above

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Job Vacancies 5 Position in Ajinomoto March 2010

We are well estabilished Japanese multinational company which started our business in Indonesia since 1969

We Are Currently seeking For

Helpdesk (HD)
  • Responsible as IT inventory administrator, handling trouble shooting and other problems related to Information system usage.
  • (Hold Associate Degree in information system)

Accounting Receivable (AR)
  • Responsible for preparing all account receivable document and ascertain it has been reported as scheduled.
  • (hold associate degree in accounting)

Marketing Officer (MO)
  • Responsible for assist planning and execution of promotion programs, developing exixting and new product, and maintaining production stock in distribution centre
  • (hold Bachelor degree in any major)

Logistic (LO)
  • Responsible for warehouse's activity, delivering, stocking, in order to fulfilll order request.
  • (Hold bachelor degree with good statistic or mathematic point, preferably having experience in logistic area)

Accounting (ACC)
  • Responsible for recording and classifying transactions into journal in accurate figure and as scheduled
  • (Hold bachelor degree in Accounting)

General Requirement
  • Male or female with max 28 years old
  • Able to communicate in english
  • Could operate computer with windows XP operaring system
  • Willing to work in a team or individual

Kindly visit our website at and appliy online for above positions with recent photograph or send directly to

or to :

HRD DEPT PO BOX 1019 /JKU 14010 and put position code at the left corner on your envelope before March 19th 2010

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Vacancy Accounting Staff & HR March 2010



  • Female
  • Maximum age 28 years old
  • Experience 2-4 years
  • Execellent English both oral and written
  • Understand Tax and Finance
  • Computer Literate


  • Female
  • Maximum age 28 years old
  • Execellent English both oral and written
  • Fresh graduate are welcome

Please send your CV at last march, 5 2010 to:

HR Department
PT.Batubara Global Energy
Indonesia Stock Exchange Building 24th Floor
Unit 2402
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta, 12190

tag: job vacancy March 2010, vacancy are accounting staff,info lowongan kerja terbaru, job vacancies

Vacancy Manager in PT. Artha Buana March 2010



The dynamic spirit and love challenges ahead with us separately, as:

Male / female, max. 45 years (AM and BM), 35 years (CMO)
  • Graduates s1 (AM and BM), D3 (CMO)
  • Min 3 years experience (AM and BM), 1 year (CMO) in the same position in the company's used car financing in particular.
  • Having a good relationship with a used car dealer network in the area / region of each
  • Willing to be placed throughout the territory of Indonesia
  • Ready to work with the target

Complete application letter, sent to:

Jl. River Gerong No. 20, Kebon Malati, Jakarta Pusat 10230
No later than 11 March 2010

* only qualified candidates who will be called for interview

tag: job vacancy March 2010, vacancy are manager, job vacancies branch manager,advertise job, lowongan jakarta, lowongan kerja maret 2010

Job vacancy Oil and Gas mining in March 2010

Husky Oil North Sumbawa Ltd
Job Vacancies
Logistic/Procurement Personel

Husky Oil North Sumbawa LTD, a Production sharing Contrctor of BPMIGAS a requirement for national personel to fill three project based position as follows :
  • Logistics/Procurement/contract superintendent (Code:LS)
    Have a minimum 10+ years of oil and gas experience and demonstrated knowledge in the east Java region to organize, supervise and provide support for all offshore logistic activities including transportation, drilling service support, formalities, communication and warehousing.
  • Business Service supervisor (Code:BS)
    Ensure that all tendering process is conducted in timely manner and in compliance with Husky's contract & Procurement policies and procedures and BPMIGAS 007-Revisi-1/PTK/IX/2009. Prepare, update and distribute on a reguler basis all procurement report using effective supply chain data management procedures.
  • Logistics/Procurement/Contract Administration Support (Code : LA)
    Ensure that all documentation is correctly prepared, retained and organized for all purchase of equipment, material and service. Responsible for maintaining updated database for logistics and procurement filling system.

General Qualifications :
  • University degree anasset
  • Must have good command of oral written english
  • Must be enthuasiastis, energetic and a self-starter
  • Must have a good understanding of indonesia oil and gas laws and regulations
  • 5 - 10 years relevant experience within the Indonesian oil and gas industry

Please submit your resume in confidence quoting job code in the email subject to :

only short listed candidates will be contracted.

Husky is a major canadian-based oil and gas procedure within International operations in Indonesia an china.

more information abaout husky energy is available at

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Jobs Vacancy 11 Position S1 in South Jakarta March 2010


A leading company requires a lot of employees with the following position:
  1. Administration / Customer service
  2. Secretary Directors
  3. Project Manager (PM)
  4. Senior Architect (SR)
  5. Legal Staff
  6. IT Staff
  7. Purchasing Staff
  8. Sales Staff
  9. Promotions
  10. Building Manager
  11. Gardener

  • Male / Female (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)
  • Male (6, 10, 11); female (2)
  • Max 30 yers old, max 40 years old (11), min. 25 years old (1)
  • The Law (5) S1 IT (6), S1 (3, 4, 9, 10)
  • D3 (1, 2, 7, 8), SMU (11)
  • Computer literate (1 to 10)
  • Mastering: Network, crystal reports, SQL (^)
  • Experience in the field min. 1 years
  • Experience in the field min. 3 years (2)
  • Experience in the field min. > 5 years (3, 4)

Send your resum and complete CV to :

PO BOX 5120 JKTS 11,501

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Job Vacancy in Hard Rock Hotel Bali March 2010

At Hard Rock Hotel Bali, uor mission is to create authentic experience that rock, in environment that honors one of the most import cultural phenomena of the 20th century;Rock in roll music!

We are curently looking for a director of engineering with the following attributes

Director of Engineering
  • 4 years experience in asimilar position or a minimum of 5 years experience in the position of assistant director of engineering at a large International Brand Hotel.
  • Strong communications skill both verbal and written
  • must be able to speak, read and write in english
  • Minimum Diploma or degree in Mechanical or electrical Engineering
  • Experience in preventive maintenance and project supervision
  • Able to read interpret operating & maintenance manuals and construction drawings
  • Display a through understanding of mechanical, Electrical, Air Conditioning & plumbing within a Hotel environment
  • Through knowledge of children, boillers & refrigeration
  • Well versed in Energy conservation initiative and accuptional health 7 sfaety prctices
  • Experienced in offive procedure, ordering materials, inventory control system, blue printing, etc
  • Effective computer skills, knowledge of accounting programs and budget analysis.

Candidates must be highly motivated and flexible with a positive spirit and attitude

Please send your resume details with a recent Photograph by 5 March 2010 to :

Director Human Resources - Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Jl. Pantai Banjar Mas - Kuta - Bali
F: 0361 - 761868 | E-mail :

*Incomplete CV's or without Photo will not be acknowledged

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