Jobs in Contractor the Gas and Oil in February 2010

A drilling contrctor in coal, Mineral Oil and gas is currently seeking for qualified candidate as follows :

A. Oil and Gas Drilling
  1. Oerator lantai Bor (OLB)/Floorman
  2. Operator Menara Bor (OMB)/Derrickman
  3. Juru Bor (JB)/Driller
  4. Ahli Pengendali Bor (APB)/Toolpusher
  5. Health & Safety Officer
  6. Mechanic
  7. Logistic & Purchasing Supervisor
B. Coal and Mineral Drilling
  1. Site Supervisor
  2. Drilling supervisor
  3. Senior driller for coring/Mud Rotary
  4. Mechanic
  5. Health & Safety Officer

  • A minimum S1 Geological/Mechanical Engineering with 3 years experience (B1).
  • A minimum D3 in related subject 3 years experience (A4, A5, A7, B5).
  • A minimum STM/SMA with 10 years experience in Drilling (B2).
  • A minimum STM/SMA with 3 years experience (A1-A3) and 5 years experience (B3).
  • A minimum STM Automotive with 3 years experience in rig service and maintenance (A6, B4).
  • Hold a valid MIGAS certificate (A1-A5).
  • hold a valid POP/K3 Umum certificate (B1, B5).
Please submit your application and CV to :

or fax

021-758 758 38

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